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EquityEDU is about supporting educators in their efforts to effectively teach every student, every day.  

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Our Mission

EquityEDU exists to provide ideas, resources, and learning opportunities for educators in order to influence the development and implementation of an equitable education for all students.

All students deserve to experience a successful educational career, but due to one or more factors are not getting the opportunities and supports they need to achieve and thrive. These factors can include gender, race, socio-economic status, parental involvement, geographic location, perceived ability, home language, and many more. Educators can’t sit back and wait for political and institutional change. EquityEdu is a way for educators to both individually and collectively take a stand and create meaningful change in student learning experiences.

The intention of EquityEDU is to have a place to better understand issues and focus on the positive steps we can take. You might change your mind on an issue or see it from a new point of view. Issues can look different in different place. What you see in an east coast urban area can look very different from a suburban west coast region, a rural regions, etc.